Overview of Therapy Collaboration

Pink blossoms among a summer path, therapy can help clients discover new and surprising insights and areas of growth.

We will work together in therapy to…

Connect with your emotions by helping you moving out of your head and into your body will help you feel less overwhelmed by thoughts and stressors

Grow your insight by encouraging you to read, listen, and engage in useful resources outside of therapy to deepen and your work in session

Relate to your body by utilizing curiosity and gentleness in session to explore what gets in the way of you caring for yourself as effectively as you care for others

Integrate culture and family dynamics by attending to intersections of your identities in our work as well as in how you navigate the world so you feel known, respected, and heard

Learn new skills by experimenting together with how to let go of fears, clarify what truly matters to you, and implement lasting change

Adapt your goals by celebrating change along the way to mark progress and shift to new horizons as needed

I love a good metaphor…so let’s talk about walking on a journey.

When we work together in therapy, you’re inviting me to be a companion on your current path. Not a tour guide, telling you where to go, but a co-navigator with some expertise in helping people explore how THEY want to get to their destinations in a way that works better than past roads. Until now, you may have been walking alone, trying to navigate twisting paths with an outdated map or going in circles despite your best efforts to try a new route. By inviting me into your journey, we will work together to decipher what has gotten in the way of getting to your destination and to highlight the wisdom and experience you’ve already got in your backpack waiting to be unfolded. We may need to look back at where you came from to figure out where you want to go. We may need to clarify what’s important to you about how you get to your destination. We may need to help you establish rest stops and a good support network. But you are full of strengths and expertise on your life, and we will build trust in our relationship that you can lean on when the unexpected thunderstorm hits or you fear an uphill climb. Let’s walk together.

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Photo by Dulcey Lima