Therapy for Body-Self Relationship

Ones body has its own complex and beautiful story to tell about life experiences, current needs, and healing.

Photo by Faye Cornish

Do you seek restoration for your relationship with your body?

Some people struggle to remember a time when they ever felt connected to and comfortable in their body. They may feel trapped in body-image shame and body-critical thoughts or behaviors. Making decisions can be difficult when disconnected from body cues and understanding emotions is stymied when one avoids connection to the body. Often people want to feel more positive and connected to their body but struggle to move past societal and/or family expectations and messages about which bodies deserve affirmation, care, and tenderness. It can be painful to desire self-compassion and be unable to believe ones body deserves it.

So often, body image distress derails people from following through on personal goals, making big decisions, exploring relationships, or pursuing activities that would be enjoyable.

If you find yourself struggling with body connection or body image as describe above, let’s talk about how I can help you heal your relationship with your body so that you can work, rest, and play with gentleness and delight. Let’s get started.