Therapy for Anxiety and Trauma

Working on anxiety and trauma in therapy is a season of letting go and leaning in.

Do you find yourself feeling anxious and overthinking everything?

Many people have a mind that others appreciate and delight in. Their brain has served them well to engage in school and a professional career. But it’s impossible to think your way out of feeling scared, stressed out, or lonely—sometimes thoughts go in circles with no way out. Even if overthinkers know what would help, implementing change is hard and sticking with change is even harder. Frequently, these folks have narratives to explain themselves but little understanding, awareness, or connection to the emotions embedded in those stories. 

For most overthinkers, their brain and mind are disconnected from emotions, and, as a result, relationship to self and others suffer.

If you see yourself in these words, let’s talk about how I can help you integrate your well-honed mind with your emotions and your body’s information. We can experiment together with new ways of creating lasting connection and change. Let’s get started.

Do you need help healing from Trauma?

When someone has been through trauma, their body often is either shut down and numb or over-activated and vibrating with fear. It can be compelling to try to ignore it or soothe it in ineffective ways. Often bodies sometimes are overwhelmed by feelings of fear, shame, and guilt. Bodies want rest but are often ignored because stillness feels scary. Bodies want rest but are often dismissed by feelings of unworthiness. Bodies hold memories of trauma and sometimes avoidance is the best folks have been able to do in order to cope. Some bodies have been subject to harm by people, systemic injustice, societal expectations, or inescapable life circumstances and it’s common to feel hurt, scared, and confused by the experiences one has had on a body level.

Bodies speak in a language that sometimes people can’t understand, even after living with in a body for a lifetime.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by your body or stuck in numbness in response to trauma, let’s talk about how we can work together to help you heal, create more partnership with your body’s need for feeling safe, and establish routines that give your body the foundation it needs to function well for you in all areas of your life. With relationship safety and tools such as EMDR, we can heal how you and your body work as a team to help you live life to the fullest. Let’s get started.

Photo by Eden Boudreau